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Most of the world begins their day by making a journey – after the sun comes up or after the sun goes down, most of the population will walk, cycle, take a bus or drive, take a train or airplane, to arrive at a destination where they have a purpose. Comutor has devised luggage that can be taken with you whether work or play, to play an ergonomic part in your daily routine.

What can you do in 12 hours? Website takes you round Paris for the day to over 33 locations in the City, from Trocadéro through Rue Saint-Honoré ending up in Pigalle. British globetrotter Lee Thompson attempted to re-create Phileas Fogg’s around the world in 80 days by visiting a Buddist Temple, an American Diner, a Bavarian Beerhouse, and tested Turkish traditional cuisine, all in the center of London in 12 hours, to highlight the multi-cultural delights on offer all in one place.

Our 12 Hour Backpack is designed to contain everything you may need for those daily excursions. Pack in anything from your digital tablet, laptop, to your favorite go-to shades. The 12-Hour Backpack will accompany you with a futuristic style and innovative design, which speaks volumes about the wearer.

The 12 Hour BackPack

The 12 Hour BackPack


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